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What will you learn?

At training we have lots of fun learning how to twirl a baton, learning dance and gymnastics moves as well as individual and team routines. Check out our training videos to see some of the exciting twirls you will learn.

Training Sessions

We hold training sessions each week at different locations across Newcastle & the Central Coast.

Follow the link below to find a location near you.

Performance Opportunities

All students have the opportunity to perform at various community events across Newcastle, Sydney & the Central Coast. All students also have the opportunity to compete in individual and team events.

Performances & competitions

are optional.


Welcome to rising starz baton twirlers

Baton Twirling is a unique, artistic sport combining twirling, dance and gymnastics. Baton Twirling is a great sport for children of all ages and abilities. Its a fun sport which teaches discipline, teamwork & good sportsmanship whilst developing movement skills and encouraging healthy exercise. 
New to the world of Baton Twirling?

Please take a moment to look around our site to discover the joy of Baton Twirling. We also have a great video for you to watch. Please excuse the quality of the video as it has been uploaded from a VHS.